The Fish

Right by the world’s strongest tidal currents, under the northern light just north of the polar circle, you find the habitat of the salmon from Nordic Blu.

Their home is spacious and ensures the exercise demanded. They're fed with the cleanest and most nutritious feed. We pride ourselves on having salmon that feel good, are healthy and all natural. The result: First-class taste, firm meat with a perfect white marbled red color.

Unique aquaculture

No other place in the world is more suitable for salmon than in the unique aquaculture in Skjerstadfjorden. Our families have been farming salmon here since the early eighties. The world’s strongest tidal currents and large amounts of Norwegian mountain water create the perfect conditions for strong and healthy salmon.

Perfect growing conditions

Ice-cold freshwater from the mountains and glaciers surrounding the fjord creates the perfect growing conditions for the fish. The huge amounts of freshwater wards off salmon lice. Which in turn means that we usually do not need debugging agents at our facilities. That is great for the fjord, the fish and you. The fish also need plenty of room to unfold, and we are committed to letting them live stress-free lives from smolt to adulthood. The strong tidal currents and extra space means that the fish are constantly moving, thriving and getting that special texture in the meat.

Custom diet

Our customized feed does not only mean that it offers higher omega3 levels, you also get fish that are raised without chemicals, pollutants, hormones, and pesticides. We can guarantee this because we own and control the entire value chain.

Salmon in boxes
Whole salmon and filet

Value chain

If you travel to the innermost part of the fjord, you’ll find the ova hatching. When they are ready, we transport the small fish to the freshwater side of the fjord at Breivika. Here, they are kept in freshwater tanks on land until they are between 4 and 12 months, over 60 grams and ready to enter the farm sites in the fjord. For 12-18 months they swim and eat until they weigh more or less 13 pounds and are ready for harvesting. It is a time-consuming but necessary process to ensure the highest quality.

Bon Appetit!

For three generations, with respect for the fjord, fish, and nature, we have been dedicated to producing the world’s best and most sustainable farmed salmon. When you eat salmon from Nordic Blu, you’ll know it by the taste and in the texture and can be sure that this salmon has lived a good life, in the best aquaculture without chemicals or pollution.

Salmon sashimi
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