The Nature

In the far north of Norway, under northern lights and the midnight sun, nature has provided us with the perfect conditions for farming salmon. In the Skjerstadfjord, generations of our family have lived through the gifts that nature has given us.

A steady flow of ice-cold freshwater, combined with the world's strongest tidal currents, creates a unique aquaculture. This makes the water extra oxygen-rich and makes the fjord clean and vibrant.

The world’s strongest tidal current

Saltstraumen is the world’s strongest tidal current and connects the Skjerstadfjord with the open sea. The whirlpools occur as the tide pushes large bodies of water in and out of the narrow channel. The difference in elevation between the outside and the inside of the channel can reach over three feet. It only takes 150 days before the entire fjord is filled with new water in the continuous exchange with the open sea. The massive forces ensure that the entire fjord is always on the move. This way, our salmon can thrive and exercise in clean waters full of oxygen.

Northern Lights or Aurora borealis in Lofoten islands, Norway. Polar lights in a starry sky over a snowy winter landscape

Fresh water from the mountains and glaciers

Long before human pollution and litter, the glaciers were forged. Great masses of frozen, clean water lie heavily over the mountains surrounding Skjerstadfjorden. Due to their dark blue tones, the glacier has been named Blåmannsisen, or the Blue Mans Ice. Heavy rainfalls during winters, melting waters and hundreds of rivers and streams continuously feed the fjord with new freshwater. Our salmon grows in their natural habitat. Right next to our farms, one of the largest rivers come alive with wild salmon. Each year, thousands of wild salmon travel from the sea up the river to spawn. Here, we know that both our salmon and wild salmon thrive and are healthy.

We love our fjord

We love the fjord, the fish and nature. Because of this, we are committed to monitor and protect the sea conditions. We need to take care of ecosystems in the fjord and seabed and ensure that our activities do not affect the environment negatively. That is why we collaborate with marine biologists who continuously monitor and conduct thorough investigations of the fjord systems and marine life. This is in addition to our technology that tell us at all times about the state of the water, oxygen level, salt content and temperature.

Fjord and mountains
We believe in preserving our heritage and our planet. We value nature, and it is only through managing it with respect and humility that we can produce the most tasty and high quality salmon to your delight.
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